UES international

UES international is DEDICATED to supporting the transportation, Industrial and Marine industries through high quality hardware products. Since 1904, UES have had the ability to conceptualise, create and deliver for an increasingly widening range of customers within our four major programs; Public Transport, Vehicle Bodybuilding, General Industry and Marine. Our product ranges encompasses many areas, being Locks, Latches, Hinges, Handles, Toolboxes, Seating, Rubber, Gas Springs, ladders, Blinds, Water containers, Ventilation, Lighting and Mirrors. This impressive range of products combined with our unbeaten supply record makes us a world leader in our field.

From specialising in stainless steel products such as stainless steel toolboxes, stainless steel machine screws, stainless steel lashing rings, stainless nuts, stainless machine screws, and even stainless locks- right throgh to marine vents, as well as general transportation fittings and accessories ranging from vehicle hinges, vehicle acoustics, truck ladders, right through to operator seats and mirror heads.

Our specialised fastener division develops and manufactures a broad range of fittings for a broad spectrum of industries- whether you’re looking for a torque hinge, a swing handle, a recess handle, or an orbit lock.

From our years of experience, we have tried and tested our methods & furthered and perfected them on an ongong basis to result in a premium product.

We manufacture and distribute quality products, and have always done so to a premium standard. Our products ranging from vehicle acoustics and stainless nuts, right through to stainless steel machine screws, stainless nuts, and mirror heads. Our inventory consists of thousands of items which only begin with stainless nuts and stainless bolts.