UES International

Welcome to UES International. We are dedicated to supporting the transportation, industrial and marine industries through high quality hardware products. Since 1904, UES have had the ability to conceptualise, create and deliver for an increasingly widening array of customers within our four major programs; Public Transport, Vehicle Bodybuilding, General Industry and Marine. Our product range is quite extensive and encompass Locks, Latches, Ladders, Hinges, Handles, Toolboxes, Seating, Rubber, Gas Springs, Blinds, Water containers, Ventilation, Lighting and Mirrors. With few of our best sellers being: steel toolboxes, over centre fasteners, vehicle hinges and operator seats. This impressive range of products combined with our unbeaten supply record makes us a world leader in our field.

We specialise in a range of different product areas from stainless steal products such as stainless steel toolboxes, drawer slides, water tanks, fastenners, stainless steel lashing rings and stainless locks all the way through to marine vents, mirror heads and vehicle acoustics.

With over 100 years experience we’ve found that concentrating on specific market areas instead of a wide array of products that target multiple markets helps us to develop long-term relationships with our clientele. We regularly communicate with our clients to ensure we deliver only the finest products such as: truck ladders, operator hinges, wheel arch rubber, steel toolboxes and much more!

At UES we both manufacture and distribute our own products and guarantee only premium quality services and products every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our impartiality with inventory, to stock whatever it is that our target industries necessitate, nothing being too small or too great. Whether it’s stainless nuts, stainless machine screws, a quarter turn latch, torque hinge, swing handle, orbit lock or a recess handle we’ll ensure we treat each and every order with the highest quality standard possible to ensure your expectations are met!

Our range of products extends from commercial through to industrial use- such as our truck water tanks as well as truck ladders for the trucking & shipping industries. This range includes truck steps, truck ladders, truck water tanks, as well as a broad range of door seal products as well as bawer tool boxes.