UES International is an Australian family owned company established in 1904. We are a leading global designer, manufacturer and supplier of Seating, Industrial, Marine and Transportation Hardware and have been delivering business solutions for over a century.

At UES we are a team where every employee from senior management, design engineers, sales staff, production, administrative and warehouse personnel collaboratively engage with our customer base to develop and supply the best in product, service and supply.

Our transport business is heavily focused into commercial transport, service vehicle, and equipment hardware products such as fasteners, hinges, handles, locks, gas springs, rubber, ventilation, miscellaneous hardware, mirrors, lighting, electrical components and seating. Our specialised industrial products are also used extensively in sheet metal fabrication, electrical and electronic housings to service the mining and oil and gas industries.

We strongly believe that our continued success depends on our drive to innovate and develop markets, products and services. We seek out new technologies and business processes to achieve this aim and design and improve products in response to customer and industry demands.

Rigorous testing is applied to all products. The relevant certificates are obtained, relating to static and dynamic structural tests, fire tests and repetition testing to analyse long term wear factors. UES is accredited to ISO 9001:2008, ensuring that our customers benefit from our business as well as our products.

Today, UES delivers most of industries broadest portfolios of industrial hardware, custom design technology applications and transport seating solutions. From conception to delivery, UES offers the right solution every step of the way utilising our in-house design team, manufacturing and logistic resources and on time delivery.

We manufacture and distribute quality products, and have always done so to a premium standard. Our products ranging from vehicle acoustics and stainless nuts, right through to stainless steel machine screws, stainless nuts, and mirror heads. Our inventory consists of thousands of items which only begin with stainless nuts and stainless bolts.


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